My computer has returned!

The title of this entry makes it seem like my computer was off on some quest, but has returned to its home. It's kind of true. It was off slaying dragons in the medieval times (not the restaurant).
No wait! It had abandoned me to back pack around Europe!
NO! It had decided to go to the arctic tundra to make its fortune in ice sales!

Here's a surprise for you: none of those are true. I know, shocker, right? It was broken. That's all. But wouldn't it have been so exciting if it had been on a quest? I am just going to pretend like that is why I was computer-less and technologically alone for two weeks.

In other news, if it had wanted to go to the arctic tundra to sell ice, it could have just stayed here. But now the foot of ice between our feet and the snow is melting, so sales might have changed significantly over the past two weeks.