I fail at these things.

I have not been keeping up with this very well. It reminds me of all the diaries/journals I have started over the years, only to pick them up again a year later and wonder what on Earth I was talking about at the time.

In other news, with the exception of two of my friends, one of which I rarely see, I am now surrounded by people that are over 21. Last night, they all went out to the bars. I got a lot of work done. It makes me wonder how much I would get done on a regular basis if I cut off ties to my friends. Not that I ever plan on doing that, but it seems like it would be an effective way for me to get things done. With the internet issues I have been having, it is a good thing I have no lack of work to do, otherwise I would be crazy with boredom.

Tasha is knitting a sock next to me. I don't think she is really paying attention ot what else is going on around her. Socks are intense work.

It's all in your mind.

I am expanding the cliche "practice what you preach" into a four page paper. Granted, I am citing philosophers and giving complex definitions and junk, but still.

The space man says, "Everybody look down."

Last night was tons of fun. I love being around tons of new people that I have stuff in common with.
As I was driving back on the highway in the wee hours of the morning, I thought about how my life would be different if I had gone to a different college rather than Knox. I thought about whether or not if I had gone to Columbia, like Cody (only without him), I would be friends with the people he is friends with. I met them all through him last night, but I wonder if the situation had been different I would have ever met them. Would I have met them under my own circumstances? Or would I have met totally different people based of a variety of choices I would make that differ from those Cody makes?
It is kind of like how there are people at Knox that I hang out with now that i get along with so well, but we never met before this year. It is kind of weird to know that had we met before this year, we might not be friends, but we still might. Everything is situational and dependent on every variable that factors into the equation.
It makes me think of the time in the movie The Butterfly Effect, when the lead guy is now a frat guy because of a different decision he made earlier in his life, and he passes the guy that was his roommate in the first present we get. He says hi to him, and the guy that was his roommate says some snide remark, because they are not friends and never had been. One decision changed everything so drastically that a person he had shared a good friendship with was now a negative factor in his life.
It was very late/early when I was thinking these things, so they are kind of tangled and messed up, but still, it's kind of cool to think about.

The dreammaker's gonna make you mad...

Studying is the worst feeling ever. You are doing something, but not really DOING something. There isn't really an end product or anything you can show someone at the end of it all to be like, "Hey, look at what I did."
It makes me feel like I am getting nothing done.
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The songmaker says, "It ain't so bad."

German has rules. There are exceptions to these rules. There are irregularities you just have to remember. The time always comes before you say what you actually did/are going to do. There really is not way to tell the gender of a masculine or neuter noun if it is in the dativ. The list goes on and on, and I have only studied for 14 weeks.
I just read that last bit aloud to my roommate. Then I added onto the end of it "I would kind of like to say something profound after that, but I have nothing profound to say." I said this in the same tone and rate of speaking as I had said what I read aloud. I didn't switch from my reading aloud voice. She knew I had stopped reading, because I had looked up at her. But my voice didn't tell her anything.
I have lots of different voices. I have my serious voice, my lying voice, my reading voice. I have a different voice for when I am trying to annoy someone. I have a specific voice for when I try to annoy Dan. I have a voice for when I am teaching or explaining something. I have a voice specifically for the affection I have for Abby, and another for Dezi.
Not that I think this is profound in anyway, I just think it is an interesting thing for me to realize about myself. Now I need to study for the two midterms I have tomorrow.
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