RE: That last post...

I have an update regarding the second thing on my mind: I actually don't want anyone to come near me right now. I suddenly got very anti-social/angry/I don't know what. It's a weird mood aimed at everyone, not just half of the human race.
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Three things on my mind right now

1.) I am very happy I went and bought this rice krispie treat. It is one of those big ones that has m&ms and mini-marshmallows in it. Delicious.
2.) The last thing I want to see right now is a male. Seriously. If it has a penis I want the person or creature to turn around and walk away. I don't really know why, but it is just the mood I am in right now.
3.) I really don't want to do my German homework. Actually, come to think of it, I don't really know what German homework I have to do for tomorrow. That is probably a problem.

Vacuums are ruining my life.

I have been waiting for two weeks to vacuum the floor in front of my dresser where I broke a bottle. There has been a towel over the little shards of glass that are too fine for me to pick up to prevent them from making the red stuff in me trickle out, but it isn't as good as getting those shards out of the picture entirely.
I was under the impression that there was one vacuum for the building, locked in the maintenance closet with the toilet paper and trash bags. I was wrong. There has been a vacuum in our very own hall closet the entire time.
Couple that with being stood up for a date and you have the basic gist of how happy my life is right now.
That's right Glo. I am equating you standing me up on Skype with a vacuum making me bleed from the feet.

Wait for the day to come

I eat my feelings. Whenever I am talking about something that makes me particularly uncomfortable, it is nice to do something that is very familiar afterwards, such as eating or reading certain kind of stories. But eating seems to be so much more quick to quell the overall feelings of awful I have.
For instance, right now, I should be in bed. Instead, I just got finished with a difficult conversation and am now sitting here, listening to music, eating chips and feeling like a terrible person.

Points for having faith in people

Last weekend I lost my debit card while walking home from a restaraunt. I apparently lost it near someone's apartment and he found it. We have class together Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and have had a few classes together before that. We were even partners in class the Monday after he found my card.
But he didn't say anything about it. He was just a little more awkward than usual. Instead, yesterday I checked my mail and there was an envelope with my card and a short letter from him, including a small diagram showing where I lost the card. It is kind of adorable.
I cancelled the card the same night I lost it. But it is nice to know there are still nice people out there.

Site tracker has informed me...

Someone in Georgia googled the phrase "What does it mean if I had a dream about my ear falling off?" They then proceeded to look at my blog for a while. That is what it takes: have really off the wall references and people from far off places will read your blog thinking that you have the answer to why their ears are falling off in their dreams.

But really, my life is too boring to blog about interesting things like what your dreams mean (hint: no matter what happens, it most likely means you are going to die.)
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