Things I Learned This Week #10 ...?

I think it's ten, at least. It's been a couple weeks. I have excuses! I swear!
I had to move my parents two weekends ago, which culminated in taking the GRE that Monday. Yeah, my life sucked that week. And last week I was sick.
See, I have reasons!
And I have lessons!
1. The phrase "had issue" means that a couple (normally of royal or some other official entitlement) had children.
2. Netflix has interesting genres, including "Dramas about Royalty based on Real life" and "Cartoons for Grown-ups."
3. NaNoWriMo is impossible to catch up on once you skipped the first week to study for the GRE.
4. The computer-based GRE is one of those predictive tests that gives the test taker the next question based on whether or not he or she answered the last question correctly and predicts your score based on that.
5. Washington D.C. is exactly 854 miles from Galesburg.
6. Facebook has freindship pages outlining as much of a relationship as possible through facebook. Kind of creepy...It's like Facebook decided to start scrap-booking for all of us.
7. The BNSF railroad was Burlington North and Santa Fe before they merged. They only crossed in Galesburg, Illinois.