Another finals post

I am compiling a list of things I am going to do over winter break. This list includes (but is not limited to) the following things:
1. I will knit something other than a scarf. It will preferably have some sort of cabling in it. I want to learn more in regards to/improve upon my knitting.
2. I will work on German at least a little bit. I feel like this would be a good idea seeing as how I am going to be in ANOTHER German class that will inevitably beat me down.
3. I will keep in touch with people better over this break. I mean it this time. (This might not happen. I am horrible with keeping in touch.)
4. I will not let myself think too much about the things in my life that are beyond my control.
5. I will finish the preliminary application for the Peace Corps.
6. I will make a list of other possible options for my future and start working on them.

Let's see how much of this I can check off at the end of break.
Probably not many. Ugh.

Procrastination strikes again.

What happens when finals time rolls around? I blog, that's what.
So what to blog about? Should I blog about the popular gourd topic right now and the fact that whether or not you appreciate them tells me a great deal about your personality? Or the fact that we have deemed gourd-appreciation as a female thing, pending further research?
Or should I come up with something else to say entirely?
I'm not feeling particularly creative.
So I just blogged about how I could blog about something, but won't.
Maybe later, when I am supposed to be writing my final paper for one of my classes.
Or when I am supposed to be studying German and am feeling particularly spiteful because of it.
There is bound to be a time when I will be so sleep deprived that I will think of something ridiculous to share.
Or to be totally outrageous, I could not blog at all until the end of finals.
There is no telling how this could all go.

All I want to do is sleep...

And yet I keep thinking about things that don't pertain to my life right now at all.

For some reason, I started to think about my past birthdays: the good, the forgotten, and the worst.

This train of thought was so exciting as I lie in bed trying to sleep that I got up and finished my homework for tomorrow. I was planning on waking up extra early to finish.

It probably doesn't help that I took a 2 hour long nap before our sorority meeting earlier today. That kind of thing really throws your sleep schedule out of whack.

And now, the fun part: What has one leg, a camera, and a book in a language it can't read?

I don't know the answer to that riddle either. In fact, I am fairly certain there isn't an answer, as I just thought of three random characteristics a being could have.

Why on earth is this the way my mind works?