I get it, he was a legend...

Here is my post about Michael Jackson to keep up with everyone else's: I just want a music video on VH1 that is not by Michael Jackson. He has always creeped me out a little. Especially after the nightmare I had when I was 8 of him being my brother and taking my toy from the cereal box. It was traumatizing.

Another installment of things I hate...

My new goal in life is to get rid of the VIN number system. First off, those things are long and numbery and lettery and they serve no real purpose other than providing the government with another way to track us and our capitalistic purchases.
The second reason is because I have to look at them all day long now. They are in the system and on the forms and they are supposed to match but they don’t always. Did you know that if something matches, you make it yellow. If it doesn’t, it’s red.
Third and finally, the real reason, that N stands for number. Redundant much?

Yellow, red. Red, red, yellow. YELLOW!

My job is so boring.

The internet hates me.

It won't let me vlog an entire video. For some reason Youtube keeps cutting it off. I don't know. So this calls for a blog about things that make me angry.
1. When the internet won't work.
2. When pugs almost die. Percy can't breathe well enough to go for a few mile long walk. I found that out today.
3. Children that don't listen to me. Skyla seems to think that because she lives with us now that I have no jurisdiction. How wrong she is...
4. Abby leaving me for five days. She is my home boy friend. She can't leave me like that.
5. Flashing tiaras.
That's about it for right now. I miss Knox. And my brother. And, oddly enough, the cafeteria at Knox. This summer is going to be a long one.

Arguments I have recently had.

With a drunk college student:
Him: No man, I would get a burrito supreme with no sour cream and extra nacho cheese on the side.
Other college student: But what about the quesodilla?
Me: I'm going to go find my friends now. *All the while thinking to myself, "Dear god. I don't want to die with these people."

With my dad:
Him: I don't think your desk will fit in there.
Me: Yes, it will. The measurements add up. Just work it in right.
Him: Okay, We'll try it, but if it doesn't fit you have to figure out what to do with the desk.

With my two-year-old Neice:
Her: My cow.
Me: My cow.
Her: MY COW.
Her: My Cow.
Me: Fine. My Pig.
Her: My cow. My pig.

The last was the most productive.
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