An ode to Subway love.

Subway, the sandwich chain, has brought us a lot over the years: an icon of weight loss, a trend of five-dollar meals, and delicious cookies. But the other day, there was so much more waiting for me at the restaurant chain.

I was visiting and helping Desiree move into Northern Illinois University for her first night at school and we decided to hit up Subway for dinner. While enjoying my delicious veggie sub, we noticed three freshman girls and three freshmen boys in line.

They were not there together as a group of six. Rather, they were two groups of three with a gender line drawn in the linoleum. The girls were very interested in said boys. The boys were very interested in said sandwiches.

Because the girls were in line in front of the boys, they were prepared to leave sooner. As they were walking past the hungry boys, one girl asked one boy if they would be joining them on the benches outside, to which he replied with a “Yeah, I guess.” This satisfied the girls, who proceeded to go outside to eat their food.

As the boys were finishing up, I heard one say, “Let’s just sit here.”
The response: “Well, we kind of have to go outside now. Sorry guys.”

An hour later, we saw the group of six walking by Dez’s dorm. It was one of the most adorable things ever and I could already smell the future drama and love triangles the six of them would have over the four years to come.

And it smelled like college.

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Andrea said...

Sara, you make me smile. And by smile I mean snort with laughter and almost spit out my juice. lol

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