7 Things I Learned This Week #3

1. Darth Vader needs to switch to Gmail, if only for the spam control. (hint: click the link. It doesn't work if you don't click the link)
2. If you play the game Diplomacy and France decides to just let you take over her territories so she can go play Zelda, make sure she doesn't write "France does whatever Germany says" as her military orders. it's a good way to turn Russia, Great Britain (your boyfriend with whom you were going to share France with anyway), and Austria-Hungary against you.
3. There are two Bronze Turkeys (the travelling trophy up for grabs in the Turkey Bowl between Knox College and Monmouth College every year): the original one from the late 1800s and a replica because the old one has not aged gracefully over the years.
4. If there is radiation or a nuclear attack, I can go to my friendly neighboorhood post office for access to a fallout shelter.
5. Snapple fact #855: Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.
6. September 11 is an actual national holiday called "Patriot Day." There is a designated moment of silence at 8:46 A.M. to commemorate the victims who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks.
7. There is also a holiday in the spring called "Patriots' Day" to commemorate the first anniversary of the Revolutionary War. It was on this holiday that the Oklahoma City Bombing happened.

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