7 Things I Learned This Week #6

1. Apparently, if female frogs are pregnant, you can squeeze the eggs out of them if you want to. (there was more to this one, but Sam was explaining it really late last night and there was a train going by so I couldn't really hear him. But what I did hear was very interesting (read: gross))
2. Snapple Fact #772: Male moose shed their antlers every winter and grow a new pair the next year.
3. Today is the 20 year anniversary of Germany becoming a fully united state for the first time since World War 2. I knew this one before, but I think it is super cool.
4. There is contention regarding which river is the world's shortest: the D River in Oregon or the Roe River in Montana. Apparently the D River changes with the tide and can be measured at different lengths throughout the year, but at its shortest it is 120 feet long. The Roe River is consistently 200 feet long.
5. The woman that currently holds the record for the world's largest breasts (cup size M) might lose her title because her last breast implant surgery gave her a staff infection and she had to have the implants removed. She's getting them put back in ASAP, though, so she can keep her title.
6. The cartoon show Inspector Gadget only ran for 2 seasons. It felt like way more.
7. Ginko trees are on the endangered species list.
BONUS! Frontierville is a very addictive facebook game. I can't stop playing.

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