Turning 24 brings with it very few new perks, the best of which has to be the reduced car insurance rates. I still don't understand how in 26 hours I will be seen as a better driver based solely on my age. I struggled with the same issue understanding how being 20 and 364 days old made me less responsible in alcohol related decisions. I know plenty of people that are over 21 that still have no clue how to responsibly enjoy alcohol and about as many that are under 21 that have many clues. Go figure. I'll file it under "arbitrary things I will never understand."
Oh, and I made calla lilies out of gumpaste for my birthday cake this past weekend. They were super cute. I need to do my frosting homework, though. If I don't frost a cupcake onto a cake I'm sure my frosting instructor will have some very harsh words for me this Sunday when I come to class.
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