28 looks odd from this angle

Tomorrow's my 28th birthday, and I must say that every time another year passes it just seems that the numbers make less and less sense.
Hear me out. All along the first 2.5 decades there are real, solid milestones: you turn 16 you get to drive; you turn 18 you are now responsible for your own welfare; you turn 21 and you can drink; and you turn 26 you get a discount on your car insurance (hey, I was really excited for that one).
But now it seems there aren't hard and fast reasons for the age. Sure, the "big ones" or decade numbers make you feel like they are important but if we are all honest with ourselves 30 is a lot like 29 or 31. It's still a wishy-washy year. The next solid and real external milestone is what? Retirement? Even that is fluid. Social Security? Likely won't exist by the time I get there.
So I've decided that from now on each year I will set one solid goal for my next rotation around the sun. I'm not sure what 29 will be, but I have set my sights on 28.
I am going to publish my novel. I've been setting faux deadlines and contemplating for too long. I'm actually going to do it. Delicate Art of Soul Ripping will finally stop being a wish-washy thing and finally be a solid thing.
First, I need to finish it. Then I need to market it/get the publishing "deal," hopefully through Inkshares since they seem to make sense. Then actually finish the rest of the process. I can totally do this.


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