I fail at these things.

I have not been keeping up with this very well. It reminds me of all the diaries/journals I have started over the years, only to pick them up again a year later and wonder what on Earth I was talking about at the time.

In other news, with the exception of two of my friends, one of which I rarely see, I am now surrounded by people that are over 21. Last night, they all went out to the bars. I got a lot of work done. It makes me wonder how much I would get done on a regular basis if I cut off ties to my friends. Not that I ever plan on doing that, but it seems like it would be an effective way for me to get things done. With the internet issues I have been having, it is a good thing I have no lack of work to do, otherwise I would be crazy with boredom.

Tasha is knitting a sock next to me. I don't think she is really paying attention ot what else is going on around her. Socks are intense work.

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