The internet hates me.

It won't let me vlog an entire video. For some reason Youtube keeps cutting it off. I don't know. So this calls for a blog about things that make me angry.
1. When the internet won't work.
2. When pugs almost die. Percy can't breathe well enough to go for a few mile long walk. I found that out today.
3. Children that don't listen to me. Skyla seems to think that because she lives with us now that I have no jurisdiction. How wrong she is...
4. Abby leaving me for five days. She is my home boy friend. She can't leave me like that.
5. Flashing tiaras.
That's about it for right now. I miss Knox. And my brother. And, oddly enough, the cafeteria at Knox. This summer is going to be a long one.

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