Arguments I have recently had.

With a drunk college student:
Him: No man, I would get a burrito supreme with no sour cream and extra nacho cheese on the side.
Other college student: But what about the quesodilla?
Me: I'm going to go find my friends now. *All the while thinking to myself, "Dear god. I don't want to die with these people."

With my dad:
Him: I don't think your desk will fit in there.
Me: Yes, it will. The measurements add up. Just work it in right.
Him: Okay, We'll try it, but if it doesn't fit you have to figure out what to do with the desk.

With my two-year-old Neice:
Her: My cow.
Me: My cow.
Her: MY COW.
Her: My Cow.
Me: Fine. My Pig.
Her: My cow. My pig.

The last was the most productive.
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