My roommate is being auctioned off to the highest bidder in just over an hour...

I have learned three things over the past few hours that are very important for EVERYONE to know.
1. I am apparently very good at approaching situations that could go very badly and thinking about them in a non-insane (AKA sane) way. Someone told me today that my problem of over-thinking things really just means that I have less problems to deal with later and that I am probably one of the healthiest people when it comes to decision-making. Woo! Here I was thinking I was a crazy person. I mean, I am still crazy, but only in other ways and not my decision-making ways.

2. German can go and shove itself in an envelope. That's right. It can just make itself into a letter and send itself all the way around the world and back to Germany. I feel like I complain about German on this blog a lot. But there is a lot about German to complain about, so there.

3. I forgot what my third thing was, so obviously it is so important that you know it but I can forget it. Figure out what it was and get back to me. Otherwise you won't get your cookie for the day.

Fun Fact of the day: pearls make you look like a Stepford Wife.

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