New thing to make me blog every week!

So I haven't blogged in a long time as a result of a few things including:
working 40 hours a week (for less than minimum wage)
a certain boy being in town for a relatively short period of time
a new addiction to Fable 2 on said boy's Xbox 360
and studying for the GRE

Okay, so more the first three things than the last one, even though studying for the GRE needs to not be so low on my list of priorities seeing as how the test is coming up fairly quickly for me. But so that I blog more often, I have decided to steal an idea from one of my old friends.
So here goes:
7 things I learned this week #1
1. Facebook has added a "places" function. Who really needs to know where I am when I update my Facebook status on the rare occasion that I do?
2. Rice is prepared very differently all across the world. In the ESL class I volunteer in twice a week, we had a discussion about rice that resembled a Disney "Pass the Plate" commercial about how everyone in the class is used to preparing rice. Most of our students are from Mexico and Central America, but we also have students from Japan, Tanzania, Thailand, and India. So hearing about how people in Tanzania put bananas and pineapple along with sweet potatoes in rice kind of surprised me.
3. I learned the actual story of Joan of Arc and that she was reclaiming her homeland, only to be killed for it. I always thought she was just punished for cross-dressing.
4. It's been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina. Okay, so this isn't so much something I learned, but it surprised me. I went on my first college visit while the Katrina was starting/happening. It doesn't seem like five years ago. And you would think that in five years they would have gotten more done to help Louisiana.
5. Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calender. I never put it together that Islam had its own calender and that Ramadan wasn't just September.
6. Gallimaufry means both a confused jumble or medley of things and a hash made from diced or minced meat. English and our definitions. Go figure.
7. France beheaded people until 1977. Thank you Hank Green for sharing that terrifying information on Truth or Fail on Youtube.

Tada! Something learned for each day of the week :)

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