I really want to wish you a happy birthday, but...

You know how actions have consequences? It is rare that we actually predict those consequences accurately. These consequences are inevitably present, whether good or bad. There is no stopping them.

I have decided to create world without consequences. Capitalism would cease to exist. There would be no more economic crisis. No one would ever get cancer, or gain weight. No one would have anyone dislike them. Grades would be long gone. One could never be fired for making a bad call. Hell, no one would even have to have a job for that matter.

We will all be able to have whatever animals for pets we would like. And when that Koala next door attacks me, there will be no insurance claim the neighbor needs to worry about. And my poor Corgi would want to retaliate, but that would be a consequence the Koala would be suffering, so it wouldn’t happen.

No writers would receive credit for any of their work, because plagiarism wouldn’t be a problem anymore, as it is only a consequence. So really, we would all become infinitely more intelligent because the knowledge of the greats could be claimed as our own. Or I could pretence like I wrote Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling would know, but she couldn’t enforce any kind of consequences upon me. But I also would reap any benefits, as those are consequences, simply with a positive connotation.

And I would be able to wish someone a happy birthday despite my previous actions. Because my previous actions were consequences of his actions. Therefore, my actions never would have existed in the first place.

And the world of this kind of anarchy would have ceased to exist centuries ago. So I will go and eat an entire pan of brownies all by myself, gain ten pounds while not having a Corgi by my side to protect me from the Koala the next door that the neighbors aren’t allowed to have because it is against the law and not collect royalties because I didn’t pretend to write Harry Potter because I would have been sued so bad that my debt from that court case would have exceeded that of my college education.

And I won’t tell you happy birthday.


The Victory March said...

Hi Sara without an H!I read this post and consequently decided to follow your smarty-pantsy blog. So, hooray for consequences. They make things matter.

slinkyT1991 said...

Hey because i'm realy slow i just read your blog and its so cuol. I like the layout. And was wondering were u got it.

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