7 Things I Learned This Week #12 (Holiday edition!)

1. The candles on the Kinara represent things by color: black for the African race, red for African blood shed, and green for African land. My fourth grade teacher brought in a Kinara once and explained the holiday to us, but I don't recall her explaining what the candles represented. I always thought each individual candle stood for its own ideal or value. Instead, each day of Kwanzaa represents one of the seven values honored with the holiday.
2. The twelve days of Christmas actually fall after Christmas and go through January 6th. 
3. President Truman received a Menorah from the Prime Minister of Israel in 1951, the first link between the White House and Hanukkah. 
4. Freezingman is a winter art and music festival held in Colorado in January as a winter counterpart to Burning Man.
5. "Holiday Heart Syndrome" refers to an irregular heart beat, normally appearing after vacation or time off from work (generally associated wit binge drinking).
6. Boxing Day is kind of the equivalent of Black Friday for the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and parts of Australia. It tends to be the highest day of revenue for commercial stores.
7. Some people believe the 25th of December falls about 9 months after the Annunciation (when the archangel Gabrial informed Mary she would give birth to God's son). Annunciation is celebrated March 25th. So it lines up. (I put my money on the theory that the day was chosen because of the overhaul of significant dates in other religions)

There you have it. Happy Chrismahanukwanzadan.(even though Hanukkah and Ramadan are over. I hope they were happy for you)
Have a safe and happy holiday season. :-)

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Vicky, yo! said...

Freezing man! How awesome. I suppose they have to cut back on the nudity, though. And what do they do instead of burning the Man? I bet freezing him isn't as spectacular... And happy Chrismahanukwanzadan to you too! Well, Happy New Year since all of them are over now.

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