7 Things I Learned This Week (month) #11

I don't have consistent internet access, as Knox has let out for winter break and that is normally where I go for internet. But between that, holidays, moving/not really moving yet (but will be soon!), visiting the boy (and meeting his parents in Washington DC), and lots and lots of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is safe to say that I haven't exactly been a reliable blogger. Though, when have I ever really been that consistent with stuff like this? You should see the diaries I have started, the knitting projects left un-knitted, and the NaNoWriMo novel I got 400 words into before I realized that I had to study for the GRE for the first week-and-a-half of November. 

Anyway, without further adieu: 
Seven Things I Learned This Week:
1. Philadelphia is the fourth largest city in the United States. 
2. Jon Stewart was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.
3. Don Henley was inspired to write the song Witchy Woman while he had a high fever and was reading a book about Zelda Fitzgerald.
4. Snapple fact #658: New York City is made up of 50 islands.
5. Joe Louis used to drink cow blood fresh from slaughterhouses right before big boxing matches.
6. Zorillas are the smelliest animals in the world.
7. George Washington University has a "J" street in their student union, thus making up for the fact that Washington D.C. does not have a "J" Street. Sesame Street would be proud. 

Bonus Fact: Otters are very sensitive about their fluff bedding and where it goes. I personally saw some of them fight over where to put it in their habitat at the National Zoo. 

Tada! Learny things! Isn't it wonderful?

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