Note to self

Just know that having a fractured wrist and trying to chisel out a car shaped object from what Snowmageddon '11 left you behind is not a very good experience. In the future, choose one of the following options:
1. Screw the wrist brace and put on gloves right off the bat. The lack of frostbite will be worth it.
2. Get a garage. Steal a garage, if you have to. Just get one.
3. Don't drive anywhere. Leave your car parked for the rest of winter. It will thaw by June or so.
4. Call everyone and just tell them you are dead so you don't have to go anywhere.
Self, I hope you learned something from this little heart-to-heart.
You. I mean, me. (?)


Anonymous said...

I think that is great advise. I should tell "myself" the same advise. I will steal a garage also. What a wonderful invention a garage must be. Also, I will play dead until spring (or summer). I do not have a broken arm or any extremidy, but I am 63 and I shoved out 3 times
Yesterday my legs were so sore, I felt 93. I should have had some children in my life when I was young and then maybe now I would have a son or daughter that would think to come and help me. Oh, well, next life. I mean me, Diane (Grandma)

Sara said...

Grandma, why didn't Uncle Billy or Aunt Julie come and shovel you out? You can always drag them by their ears. That gets me to do whatever mom wants me to do.

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