ATP kind of rocks...

ATP got the vote from Faculty! For those of you not in the Knox Bubble, this means that the sorority colony I joined gets to nationalize, giving us support and structure that will keep us around for a long, long time. I'm pretty excited.
In other news, Finals are coming up. They seem to know how to make a week very stressful. I'll probably be posting quite a bit more over the next week and a half, simply becuase I will have less time to devote to this blog, and that naturally means it is time to procrastinate! Woo!
Also, I am very excited for Erin's birthday. Shh...It's supposed to be a secret.

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Andrea said...

Woo, ATP! Also, woo procrastination!

I know what you mean about finals. I just finished one ten-page paper, and now I've got to do two more. Also, two of my classes have actual exams as well. I am not excited.

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