Procrastination strikes again.

What happens when finals time rolls around? I blog, that's what.
So what to blog about? Should I blog about the popular gourd topic right now and the fact that whether or not you appreciate them tells me a great deal about your personality? Or the fact that we have deemed gourd-appreciation as a female thing, pending further research?
Or should I come up with something else to say entirely?
I'm not feeling particularly creative.
So I just blogged about how I could blog about something, but won't.
Maybe later, when I am supposed to be writing my final paper for one of my classes.
Or when I am supposed to be studying German and am feeling particularly spiteful because of it.
There is bound to be a time when I will be so sleep deprived that I will think of something ridiculous to share.
Or to be totally outrageous, I could not blog at all until the end of finals.
There is no telling how this could all go.

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