Those were the days...

This was my wikifire page, word for word, character for character. My life was so different Freshman and Sophomore years of college when the majority of this was written. I decided it was time for its run to come to an end. 

Sara is beautiful. She is an international relations major, economics minor that is very nice. She wears skirts when it is warm out because they are comfortable, not because she cares about what she looks like.

Her hair also smells really nice all the time. If you get a chance, you should smell it. It is also very soft and silky. The ideal situation would be to pet her hair and get to smell it. Good luck with your mission.
Sara has no idea who wrote the above comment and is kind of creeped out at the thought of random people petting/smelling her hair. She asks you to please refrain from such activity, or at least ask permission before doing so.

Sara was born in [[Las Vegas]] and she will defend the little honor the city has left until her death.  She enjoys long walks in the parks and quite often she is confused with men.

One of her favorite pastimes is framing [[Daniel Dyrda]] for things.  This is facilitated by her passing imitation of his handwriting.

Sara is a member of [[German Club]] and [[ATP]]. She also has a radio show on [[WVKC]] with a partner under an assumed identity ([[Eleanor Rigby]]).

==The Many Noises of Sara==
Sometimes when she wakes up she makes wookie noises, that don't actually sound like wookies. She can play a myriad of instruments, including a recently acquired bass guitar.

Sara also has a variety of noises that indicate when she is hungry, tired, confused, etc. Perhaps one day there will be a media file that documents the sounds Sara makes in her natural habitat while in one of these situations.

== Procrastination Almost Turned Into A Sport ==
Taking [[procrastination]] to a new level is something Sara is very adamant about.  A two-page paper can take her weeks to write.  This accomplishment is only thanks to [[Facebook]], [[Wikifire]], [[Myspace]], [[AIM]], and various comics online.  However, procrastinating in this rare art form is not taken too far, as her missing a deadline is a very rare occurrence.

Another thing that lends to Sara's procrastinatory efforts are the multiple video game consoles in the living room of Naked House.  With an NES, Super NES, and an N64 all stocked with a variety of games how can one be expected to do homework?

==Claim to Fame==

On May 26, 2007, Sara, as well as friends [[Tasha Coryell]] and [[Daniel Dyrda]] were declared "cool people" on [[Bill Mayeroff]]'s [[WVKC]] radio show [[Bill's Beatles Bonanza]]. [[Bill Mayeroff|Bill]] revoked the title on Oct. 8, 2007 because Sara isn't proud of something she should be. The others got to keep their titles.

But Bill restored Sara's title at 10:48 p.m. Central time on Oct. 24, 2007. He decided he did not want to have to deal with the paperwork associated with revoking a status like that.

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