A little statistical analysis never hurt anybody...

Working 45 hours over spring break would really suck if it weren't for the fact that I love the people at US Cellular. I wish I saw them all on a regular basis. They rock.

In other news, I have gotten more sleep this past week than I go in the last month of term. I like sleep. It is probably very unhealthy for me to sleep this much in ten days, but meh. Whatever.

Also, my phone held a conversation with Erin for the ENTIRE trip from Dubuque to Galena, which falls into a valley and has never been good for reception. But I had no problem, not even a little bit of static. Verizon wins the whole network fight, because at USC a bunch of consultants say that samsungs get the worst reception and blah blah blah, but mine is perfectly fine. I love it. And I now have a statistical study to back up my hypothesis that it was just US Cellular, not the phone.

I need to finish getting dressed for my last day of work. I head back to Knox tomorrow :)

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