Look deep inside and what do you find??

Lotion. That is what you find if you look inside the witch on my desk I mentioned in a blog a few weeks ago. That's right, lotion. That $7.50 witch is a container of Body Fantasies Fresh White Musk Fantasy scented lotion. I was holding the witch in my hands a few minutes ago and her hat twisted a little. I thought I had broken her hate off, only to realize that it twists off entirely to reveal the lotion within. It smells kind of bad. It smells kind of like a nursing home I visited someone in over the summer. Not the most pleasant of places to smell like.

I lied when I said finals would lead to my blogging more. I have been successfully avoiding procrastination fairly well. All I have left for finals is one little 6-8 page philosophy paper for Death and Life and it is spring break for me! Woo!
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