Shake your groove thing...

**This is a blog entry from First-year. I was just looking it over, and I decided to dust it off and expose you to my insanity. This is one of the best examples of how my mind works. Enjoy**

Ok, three of my friends and I are having a sleepover, so we are watching Kronk's New Groove in a couple of hours. This makes me wonder about the term groove and its application.The whole idea of getting a new groove is a rather baffling subject for me. What was so wrong with your groove before? Does it just get worn out, or can it be fixed? And if it can be fixed, is it worth it to fix it or is it more fiscally responsible to simply trash it and get a new one? And can you use spare parts from your old groove? Or is it simply a lost cause?What constitutes a groove? Your personality, mannerisms, or just how you handle situations? I know that Stella got her groove back, so how do you know when you lost it? And is it a purely relationship wise groove, as in Stella's case, or does a groove come in a wide variety of flavors? Can you have multiple grooves all working together to create your being and only replace one or two with new ones as you see fit?Or is the groove one large working body that you have to fix certain areas, or mini-grooves, every once in a while to keep it working properly? And can you do regular maintenance on these areas, such as changing the oil regularly, or do you just wait until the engine in these grooves craps out and you have to replace the whole thing? And what if it just looks old, but if you dust it off and shine it up it works just fine?

And if you do lose your groove, when you are trying to get it back is it worth it to try and find the one you lost? Or should you be like the emperor and just get a new one? Can your groove be stolen? If you can lose it surely it can be stolen. And what about when people say “you are killing my groove”? Is the groove or grooves within each of us alive and able to be killed or hurt? Or are they purely mechanical beings that simply breakdown when you obstruct what they should be doing? Or, are some mechanical and some “living”?

What if your groove doesn’t work properly in the snow? Can you put sandbags in the trunk to weigh it down? And are they waterproof so you can go swimming with them? Do you have to feed it regularly? Clean its cage? Give it fresh water? Does it need toys to play with, or would your day-to-day adventures serve that purpose? Can it get angry with you? What if you don’t use a particular groove or part of your groove for an extended period of time? Does it have an expiration date or a renewal subscription type thing?

And, last but not least, can a groove save your life, or, can it end it?

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