Sometimes, pink is better...

So, I have pink eye. I was diagnosed yesterday, and it got me to thinking about things that are better when they are pink and things that are not better when pink. Here is the list so far:

Better: Steak. At least, I like my steak rare. Some people don't. So, conversely
Worse: Steak. For those that like their meat burnt.

Better: Cheeks. Rosy cheeks are seen as prettier or healthier or whatever. But, conversely
Worse: Cheeks. You could be flushed because you are sick. Not good.

Better: Strawberries. Okay, they are red, but still.
Worse: Bruises/welts. If they are pink, it means you just got it and it hurts a lot.

There will most likely be more to come, unless I get distracted as tends to happen.
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