I really do suck at making long entries...

on a regular basis. However, twitter has proven to hold its own in my daily life. Go figure.
On a related note (related to what, I'm not sure. It could be my failing in the internet domain or twitter controlling my life), I have decided that I no longer like people and will from now on generalize them in a fun way on my blog.

#1: THAT person in front of you in line.
They tell their entire life story while all you want to do is purchase your cheetos and get out of Hyvee. I don't care that there were FIVE mice in your basement and that is why you are buying the variety of kinds of traps and baits to catch them all.
Also, they speak so loudly that it impedes conversation you want to have with the person next to you. Heaven forbid I have to talk to my mom about whatever I want to talk to her about. I have to hear about what you got for your anniversary, which has nothing to do with the mouse traps you are purchasing.

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