Things I would rather do than work on this final...

And keep in mind that this final is all that is standing between me and the summer.
1. Walk on hot coals.
2. Write five other papers about better topics.
3. Eat whatever they make people eat on Fear Factor these days.
4. Contemplate extensively whether or not they even still have Fear Factor and then look it up online.
5. Baby-sit a prospective student that hates me.
6. Talk to the girl that had me as a prospective student. She hated me.
7. Start learning French. (For those of you who don't know, I hate French. I chose German because I can actually pronounce it.)
8. Pack. I hate packing.
So, basically, there are a myriad of things i would rather do than this final. Is it the final or the prospect of summer I am staving off? You decide. I already know the answer.


Kelsey said...

Why concentrate on all the bad stuff when there are a million times as many FUN things that I would rather do than finals...... unfortunately most of them are at my fingertips on the internet.

yellowpansy15 said...

Weren't you Maddi's prospie? I feel like you were. I don't know that you would prefer to talk to her over this final.

On a different note, I have been updating my blog. You could read that. The link can be found on my facebook.

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