Top ten reasons I love the Knox German Club/Department

I am just going to ride on Tasha's coattails a little bit. I was thinking about this last night, and I came up with ten of the most awesome things about German Club.
1) The People. All of us get done what we say we will. We all have a good attitude about everything.
2) No Drama. This kind of goes along with the people, but it deserves its own little place in the world. German Club people don't freak out and act like it is the end of the world if something goes wrong. No one makes more trouble that there actually is. It is so amazingly nice.
3) Sonja #1. One of the best professors ever. Enough said.
4) Sonja #2. She explains German grammar to me until I understand it. That is not an easy task. She deserves some kind of international award for her patience.
5) tea and cookies. Yumm.
6) We speak German. Sometimes. A lot of times. And I don't have to feel as hesitant about it when I am with German Club
7) T-shirts. We have some kick ass German t-shirts.
8) It is educational. Okay, so I am a nerd at heart. And I love that German Club is also a place where I can learn about German culture and stuff. It makes it so much more interesting.
9) Tuesdays suck, except for German Club. Which is true. Think about it: Tuesdays exist before the week is half-over and yet right after the weekend so you still aren't quite back in the swing of things from your two day break. Tuesdays are cruel. But then, there is German Club, and all is right with the World.
And last, but not least: 10) We have an amazing Exec board.

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