I have started a blog...

After being urged by the lovely people I live with I have determined that starting a blog will be a beneficial adventure for me.
I should be reading homework for my classes, but instead I have done several other things tonight such as:
1. Electrocuting a Sim. I was playing the Sims earlier and the girl wanted to watch television. The television started to spark, so I had her repair it. Long story short, she had no mechanical points and electrocuted herself. This caused her to have a charred appearance and a fire began. She almost died, but I got her to call the fire department and then took a bath to up her hygiene points.
2. Organized my music. I moved it from the c drive to the d drive and had to re-introduce it all to itunes. It took a good forty minutes to get it all back to where it should be.
3. Bonded with my housemates. We decorated a wall in this crazy montage of cards (both of the post and greeting variety), posters, pictures, feathers, flags, scarves, and empty candy containers.
4. Got sorted. I am a Gryffindor.
5. Created this blog.
6. Watched this.
And now, I really should either go to sleep or read. I will probably be going to sleep.


Amelia said...

haha. Nice, Sara.

I found this blog via Facebook.

I also blog, but unfortunately, I do not have interesting things to say....like how I electrocute a Sim. ;)

Andrea said...

Excellent. Now I can stalk you even more efficiently.

Sara said...

The electrocuting of the Sim was purely by accident. She survived...Sort of...

And Dear Penny, whatever makes your day better and more efficient. I, in turn, will stalk you.

E.M. Herbert said...

Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

I'm glad to hear you're taking your studies so seriously. Hope you're having fun!

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