It's another German Tuesday.

The song manic Monday has been running through my head ever since I thought about the phrase "German Tuesday." I don't even really like that song that much. In fact, I think it is kind of annoying. And people in the office I work at like to say "It's another manic Monday" whenever someone shows up late, which is generally once or twice a day. They even say it when it isn't a Monday. I don't understand.
Today is a German Tuesday, though. It really is a Tuesday. And there really is a lot of German. German class, German club, mandatory German film, studying for the German exam that is on Thursday. Tuesdays are German.
There is a ceramic witch on my desk. She has been here for quite some time. I don't understand why. There is a sticker on her extolling her cost ($7.50) and she is holding a broom. I wonder how much I would be worth if I had a sticker with my price on me.
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yellowpansy15 said...

Just a reminder of the good news: NO TEST ON THURSDAY!!

E.M. Herbert said...

German textbooks: $150
German dictionary: $30
Ceramic witch: $7.50
Sara: priceless

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