I don't need a dream decoder...

Last night, my dream was so weird. I was with my parents at the presidential debates for the 2012 election. We were in the front row, right in the action of things, and I got to sit next to the Republican candidate. Obama was up for re-election, so I was rooting for him, and I looked to my left and realized that the Republican candidate was Mao ZeDong. He argued with Obama, oddly enough, not in Chinese. The dream was in German, and I kept having to translate for my parents. I don't think any of it was real German, but I still knew exactly what was going on.
I think this dream is indicative of several things:
1. I have been reading about China way too much
2. I have been thinking about German way too much
3. My dream self is too stupid to stop and think about the fact that Mao Zedong is not a natural born citizen, also that he is dead
4. I am already apprehensive of the next presidential election
5. I need to get more sleep overall

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