And a happy new year!

2009 is over in 11 hours.
This time last year, I was preparing for the same night of merriment and insanity: a black-tie event with my best friend where we watch the Disney channel and all sorts of other random stuff. This year, we add Desiree, an equally best friend, to the festivities.
It's going to be awesome.
New Year's resolutions impossibilities:
1. Take up smoking, then quit (Andrew's suggestion)
2. Stop eating anything (Suggested by a friend that thinks the standard "lose 20 pounds" just wasn't horrible enough)
3. Get out of debt (not likely to happen, as I haven't graduated from college yet and the bulk of my debt is from that)
4. Fight for the rights of ants more (they should feel safe in their hills, damn it!)
5. Start biting my nails (kind of like stopping biting your nails, only the opposite)

Actual New Year's Resolutions
1. Work on accepting that there are things beyond my control
2. Embrace change for the possible positive impact it will have, no matter how much it may hurt
3. Be less passive aggressive
4. Give up on things less
5. Open up to people more

Looser criteria than people normally have, but I figure new year's resolutions are supposed to be about developing your character. Granted, there is no quantifiable way to tell if I accomplish these. I feel like this doesn't really matter. As long as I keep them in mind, some good has to come of them, right?

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