So perhaps the whole goth thing isn't for me...

It was brought to my attention yesterday that if I were to "go goth" I would have to stop using deodorant and showering. While I would probably be okay with saving money on such hygiene products, I'm not sure it is worth it just to have the self-satisfaction of doing something stupid.
Also, I don't think I own enough black eyeliner or eyeshadow. I would have to waste the money I saved on deodorant on liquid eyeliner instead. I mean, we are talking inch thick eyeliner. That is A LOT of eyeliner.
It was also noted that as I was wearing bright orange, hot pink, and nearly neon yellow yesterday, I was not off to a good start with the whole "black only" concept.
Alas, I will have to choose some other ridiculous phase to go through for my new year's resolution.

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