Christmas bells, those Christmas bells ring through out the land, bringing peace to all the world and goodwill to man!

Have you ever noticed that tinsel has a very distinct smell? It is the kind of smell that I have only ever associated with tinsel.
Seriously, go smell some tinsel. Do it. Right now. The rest of this blog will wait to be read while you fulfill your quest.
If you are reading this at some point in the future and no longer have tinsel within reasonable smelling distance, next time you do, take the opportunity.
And if somehow you are reading this during Christmas of 2010, Hi to you from the future. I hope things have gone well for you since this was written a year ago. If they haven't, well, I'm sorry. But you know, I hear 2011 is supposed to be a good year. So we'll see.
To continue on the train of thought I was headed down before I forced you to go on a tinsel smelling escapade, good morning! How's it going? How was that tinsel? It smelled unique, didn't it? Eh?
Yeah, I really had nothing more than the tinsel thing to go off of for this blog. I've been sick and hopped up on Nyquil. Give a girl a break.

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