It's like Farenheit 451, only twisted around.

I had a dream last night that my books were making me stand trial for favoritism. The main charge against me: I read some of them more than once and others I have only read parts of. Most of the books that I only read parts of were for class, so I only HAD to read parts of them, but they still took this as a personal offense.
Then there were the books that were so bad, I willingly put them down and never picked them up again. Most of these books had jury duty. I was sentenced to four years of college, during which I could not read for pleasure, only painful, painful punishment by class reading.
I missed my parole date because I read the Twilight books during Sophomore year. Such an awful book series to be imprisoned for. I'm sure Stephenie Meyer wouldn't be willing to go to jail for it.
Thankfully, this was all just my subconscious being as weird as possible.

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