Dirty clothes tell you a lot.

Three loads of dark laundry have told me that I am a mistress of darkness. I have decided to only wear the black clothing and invest in a tube of black lipstick and fingernail polish. I am going to go through that pre-teen/teen goth phase in my early twenties. I'm sure I'll outgrow it by the mid-twenties. Either way, I feel I will grow from this experience. If nothing else, I will learn how to wear too much eyeliner. SCORE!

The one load of whites has told me that all I really wear that is white are socks. And a white shirt. A. As in 1.

Looking through the one load of lights I have to wash and saying, "Have I ever actually worn that?" indicates to me that I have a severe case of poor memory.

Overall, the fact that I have five loads of laundry and could probably still make it for a week on what I have clean tells me that I have far too many clothes.

But looking at all of them (clean even) I still scream out, "I have no clothes!!!"
Ask my roommate. She's seen/heard it.

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