Forms! Forms!

I was sorting through forms from the most recent swine flu vaccine the Health Department had, and as I was going through I found quite a few interesting takes on how to fill out a form.
1. For children: when it came to the box that said "age," you'd be surprised the number of parents that put their own age in the box out of habit. And some that put the wrong ages. I can only hope they have a few kids and just forgot which form they were filling out at the moment.
2. Lots of people over the age of 70 didn't bother putting their age in the box. I think they may have lost count over the years. I know I wouldn't bother doing the math anymore. My grandpa turned 93 yesterday. I asked him how old he was and he asked me if I had a calculator so I could tell him.
3. One lady was 102. When she wrote her birthday in, she put 01-01- (19)07. I hope when I am 102 I have the awareness to make sure people realize I am not only two years old by adding the century to my birthyear. If I make it to 102, that is. I could just see myself in 2090 being mistaken for a two-year-old because all that someone knows about me is from that form.
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