A lilac by any other name...

I meant to write this over the weekend. And then I didn't.
Anywho, first forty-hour work done. 51 (among countless others, but I am thinking the short term here) to go. I already hate Mondays sufficiently more than I did in college. And I really, REALLY, hated Mondays when I was in college. (It's very strange to say that. "When I was in college...When I was in college...I feel old.)
My room (read, Andrew's room) smells like lilacs right now. This candle has turned boy territory into a delightful spring walk. Kudos to the candle and soap shop where my grandma works for producing such a powerful, yet pretty, piece of craftsmanship. Bonus points for the fact that there is glitter that will forever be a part of Andrew's room. Muah hahaha.
On an entirely unrelated note, I started character sketches for NaNoWriMo. I have my two main characters formulating and the third in the beginnings. I also have a kind of working plot in mind. I'm very excited for November.
However, before November comes the GRE. So I need to start working on that little bundle of joy that will enter my life in the end of October, preceded by months of preparation and a financial hit of $160.

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Stef said...

another crazy person participating in NaNo!

much luck to you!

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