My wrist still hates me for being a senior...

According to my site tracker, someone from Omaha, Nebraska, looked at my blog yesterday. Here's a shout out to you, Anna, because I know (read, hope) it was you. Otherwise I have a Nebraskian stalker. Anna, will you be my Nebraskian stalker? The title comes with a certificate!

In other news, in 24 hours, I graduate from Knox College.
In 24 hours, I am no longer a part of academia (until I go to grad school, that is (which I will be doing someday, despite the statistics not in favor of that)).
So what does someone staring real life in 24 hours do? Pack? Watch bad TV? Apparently another big thing is to be drunk?
That doesn't appeal to me. Instead, I am going to go and shake hands with everyone (that shows up) in my class in 30 minutes.
And by shake, I mean high five, because my right hand is still all "itis"-y and can not be shook.

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anna said...

I hereby accept the great honor of being your Nebraskian stalker.

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