I learn so much in different environments

I've officially started my first day of service as an Americorps Volunteer at the Warren County Health Department.
Things I have learned so far:
1. There is a drawer containing one thousand, literally 1,000, condoms in my office. We hand out free condoms, no questions asked, and this morning a couple of kids (estimated to be around 12, 13 max) came in for some condoms. The public nurse came in to my office and explained the system and where stuff is. Apparently there are a few more thousand floating around the building hidden in different storage areas. I have never seen so many condoms in my life.
2. I, too, can quit smoking. The brochure was very thorough about how there is nothing wrong with me, just that I am not to be controlled  by my habit. I wasn't sure how to break it to the pamphlet that its words were being wasted on a non-smoker.
3. My laptop has Windows XP, which had some way cooler games than Vista does. I really miss that old pinball flash game I used to play all of the time. But I am still pretty good at it.

Things I have learned living with a house full of (mostly) boys:
They never flush. I feel like I am living in a house of sims that go to the bathroom on their own, which is great! But they don't flush. And might not wash their hands.


Andrea said...

Perhaps you should start smoking, so that you can then quit immediately and thus boost their success rates. This sounds like a solid plan.

Also, you can totally save that pinball game on a flash drive and then copy-paste it onto a Vista computer. I did that. It is grand.

Sara said...

One of my New Year's resolutions was to take up smoking and then quit. I failed at it. Didn't even buy the first pack. So either I am so good at quitting that it wasn't a problem, or I am so bad as resoluting that I shouldn't make resolutions.


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